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ATEQ Welcomes New Marketing Assistant, Sydney Cebalt

Livonia, MI - June 21, 2021 – ATEQ Corp. welcomes Sydney Cebalt as its new Marketing Assistant for ATEQ's Industrial division. Cebalt will be assisting with all aspects of ATEQ's marketing including ATEQ's website, social media, advertising, articles, brochures, SEO, prospecting and planning trade shows. "Sydney is a great addition to ATEQ's marketing team and it [...]

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ATEQ North America Opens New Office in Montréal Canada

ATEQ continues its expansion around the globe by adding a new office in Québec. ATEQ Canada now boasts an office in both Mississauga, Ontario and Montréal. To start, the new Montréal office will host Applications Engineer, Antoine Talbot, who will be focusing on developing ATEQ's Industrial business in Québec, particularly in the e-Mobility market. The [...]

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ATEQ Canada Welcomes Business Development Engineer Antoine Talbot

June 2021-Montreal, Quebec ATEQ Canada welcomes back Antoine Talbot. Talbot is an Applications Engineer for ATEQ's new office in Montreal, Canada who will focus on developing business in Quebec, particularly the e-mobility industry. He is no stranger to ATEQ as he has participated in an international internship at ATEQ Canada's Mississauga office where he developed [...]

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ATEQ Releases New E-Mobility Website

ATEQ has launched our new global E-Mobility website that covers how ATEQ's wide variety of measurement testing instruments can be used on e-mobility applications! ATEQ can do fuel cell leak testing, battery analyzing, module balancing, vehicle body bonding tests, tire pressure testing and more! ATEQ offers many leak, flow and battery testing instruments for quality [...]

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ATEQ Welcomes New Quality Technician, Brian Hartkopf

Livonia, MI - June 10, 2021 – ATEQ Corp. welcomes Brian Hartkopf as a new Quality Technician in its Industrial division. Hartkopf will be responsible for quality-related tasks such as quality control inspections, instrument adjustments & calibrations and collaborating with the production team. Hartkopf has past experience working in the Aviation Field and Electromagnetic Compatibility field living [...]

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ATEQ Adds New Business Partner in Costa Rica

April 2021 ATEQ Corp., manufacturer of leak and flow testers, and Acro Engineering, experts in equipment and process validation, industrial automation and design of medical equipment, have announced their strategic business partnership. Acro Engineering is based in Alajuela, Costa Rica and will allow ATEQ to expand its reach to manufacturers in Central America. “There is [...]

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ATEQ Announces Piedmont Technical Sales as a New Business Partner

ATEQ Corp., manufacturer of leak and flow testers, and Piedmont Technical Sales, representative of automation components, have announced their strategic business partnership. ATEQ has been opening several offices around the country over the last few years to increase its ability to locally serve customers. The addition of Piedmont Technical Sales will give professionals with extensive [...]

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How to Verify an ATEQ Leak Tester Using a Calibrated Leak

Verifying an ATEQ Instrument Using a Calibrated Leak In this video, an ATEQ Application Engineer demonstrates how to use a calibrated leak/jet to check the accuracy of the readings displayed on a leak or flow tester, like the D620 flow tester. It is important to regularly check the accuracy of your instrument's [...]

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How Does the Ideal Gas Law Relate to Leak Rates?

The metrology science of leak testing can get very complicated and involve many complex mathematical formulas. The most important and basic formula used in leak testing is the Ideal Gas Law (also referred to as Boyle's Law or Mariotte’s law). This empirical relation was formulated by the physicist Robert Boyle in 1662 to show the relationship between [...]

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