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ATEQ Announces Piedmont Technical Sales as a New Business Partner

ATEQ Corp., manufacturer of leak and flow testers, and Piedmont Technical Sales, representative of automation components, have announced their strategic business partnership. ATEQ has been opening several offices around the country over the last few years to increase its ability to locally serve customers. The addition of Piedmont Technical Sales will give professionals with extensive [...]

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How to Verify an ATEQ Leak Tester Using a Calibrated Leak

Verifying an ATEQ Instrument Using a Calibrated Leak In this video, an ATEQ Application Engineer demonstrates how to use a calibrated leak/jet to check the accuracy of the readings displayed on a leak or flow tester, like the D620 flow tester. It is important to regularly check the accuracy of your instrument's [...]

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How Does the Ideal Gas Law Relate to Leak Rates?

The metrology science of leak testing can get very complicated and involve many complex mathematical formulas. The most important and basic formula used in leak testing is the Ideal Gas Law (also referred to as Boyle's Law or Mariotte’s law). This empirical relation was formulated by the physicist Robert Boyle in 1662 to show the relationship between [...]

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Getting Started With a Leak Testing Project

Does your company manufacture a product that you know will require leak testing but you're not sure where to start? Rather than guessing how to test the component, what the testing specifications might be, or what tester is best suited, contact ATEQ right from the start of your project. ATEQ has decades of experience leak [...]

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Leak Testing Large Flexible Parts Using ATEQ’s New DNC Technology

When leak testing a large, flexible component in a 'noisy' factory environment, use ATEQ's new Differential Noise Canceling (DNC) leak testing technology to produce faster, more accurate leak readings that are not influenced by fluctuating background disturbances. A factory is “noisy” and full of fluctuations which can affect a leak reading and cause the leak [...]

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New ATEQ Leak Testing Applications Engineers and Service Technicians

Over the last year, ATEQ has been busy hiring new Application Engineers around the United States (and world) to better assist local manufacturers with their leak testing applications. ATEQ has several new office locations around the country that are staffed with a team of Application Engineers and Service Technicians. ATEQ USA's headquarters are located in [...]

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ATEQ Forms Strategic Partnership with VIC

Ronkonkoma, NY and Livonia, MI— October 20, 2020 — Vacuum Instruments Corporation and ATEQ Corp. North America, both pioneers in providing state-of-the-art leak detection solutions for diverse applications and industries are proud to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership. VIC's 60+ years of experience producing the most reliable and lowest total cost of ownership tracer [...]

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US Tech Article:From Model Ts to EVs: The Evolution of Automotive Leak Testing

Read the full article in the magazine here Learn more about the evolution of automotive leak testing and ATEQ's new methods of leak testing electric vehicle battery cell pouches!

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ATEQ Introduces the EVB 5100 Industrial Electric Vehicle Battery Module Balancer

ATEQ introduces its new EV/HEV battery module balancer, the EVB 5100.  The unit is ideal for rework stations in battery manufacturing or electric vehicle production plants. The EVB 5100 uses the most efficient and precise technologies to equalize voltage differences between modules to maximize battery performance. Automotive assembly plants cannot just assume the batteries they [...]

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