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ATEQ is Available to Provide Consulting and Leak Testers For Medical Drip Chamber Leak Testing Applications.

A drip chamber is a medical device commonly used in IV therapy that allows gas to rise out from a fluid so that the air is not passed downstream. The drip chamber also helps estimate the rate at which fluid is administered.

If the drip chamber leaks or does not flow properly, there could be dire consequences like an air embolism or the wrong amount of fluid being administered to the patient. The main body of the plastic tube has to be free of manufacturing defects. The tip at the top of the cylinder that attaches to the medical tubing and the tip at the bottom of the end cap have to be flow tested to make sure they only allow the specified amount of fluid to flow through at a given time and that there are no unplanned leak areas.

The body of the drip chamber can be leak tested using differential pressure decay technology, like ATEQ’s F620, by closing off one end and pressurizing a test and reference part and looking for a drop in pressure. This can ensure that the connections are tight and that there are no hidden cracks. A flow test may also be used to test the rate of flow from the openings on the drip chamber that connect to the medical tubing and IV bags to check that the flow rates are within manufacturing quality test specifications.

ATEQ has developed solutions for hundreds of different medical leak testing applications for well known manufacturers over the last 40 years.  Whether you are leak testing a drip chamber, pill bottle, blister pack, pacemaker, or a washing machine, ATEQ can work with you to provide efficient leak and flow testers and develop integrated medical production leak and flow testing solutions.

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