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When thinking of who requires leak testing, most people think of companies that manufacture components in industries like automotive, medical, packaging, batteries, etc. However, many of our customers are actually machine builders searching for a leak tester as one piece of the puzzle they are solving. While ATEQ leak testers can be used manually on a test bench, they are typically automated into a production line. Automation experts are often requested to design and machine systems with leak testers integrated into the fixture. ATEQ has spent decades working with world-renowned local and global machine builders and system integrators to create leak testing solutions for the end-users who are manufacturing the parts that require leak testing.

Machines builders have been coming back to ATEQ for leak testers over the years because of ATEQ’s fast, reliable hardware, prompt support services, and global portfolio of application knowledge. System integrators know that ATEQ Application Engineers will work with them every step of the way to make sure the leak testing fixture is designed and programmed in a way that will satisfy the end-user’s testing specifications, providing them a simple, accurate, and repeatable testing experience.

ATEQ Provides Leak Testers to a Wide Variety of Machine Builders, Integrators and Automation Companies

  • Custom Machines
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Robotics
  • Assembly Stations
  • End of Line Stations
  • DNC Systems
  • Industrial Networks
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Dynamic Test Systems
  • …and more!

If your automation company needs advice on how to build a leak testing fixture, contact us today!

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