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ATEQ is Available to Provide Consulting, Leak Testers and Flow Meters For Ventilator Testing Applications.

Ventilators are very dependent on efficient leak testing. They mimic the way people breathe naturally by delivering oxygen via a hose through a patient’s windpipe into their lungs and removing carbon dioxide.  An air leak in a ventilator interferes with the machine’s ability to properly respond to the patient’s sporadic breaths because the leak throws off the ventilator’s scheduled cycle which increases the patient’s breathing efforts.

There are many components within a ventilator that could be individually leak or flow tested to make sure the proper leak rate specifications are met like the hoses, valves, sensors, regulators, filters or reservoirs.  Also, there is actually a flow meter built into the ventilator itself so it is important that the flow tester is reliable, accurate and is properly integrated into the system. The most vital leak test would be to test the final assembly of the whole ventilator. 

ATEQ can test the flow in ventilators to the following specifications:

  • Flow Testing Up to 300 L/min
  • Differential Transducer Measurement Down to 50 Pa Full Scale 0.5 cm H2O
  • Leak Testing Down to 0.1 cc/min

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