ATEQ Announces Piedmont Technical Sales as a New Business Partner

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ATEQ Corp., manufacturer of leak and flow testers, and Piedmont Technical Sales, representative of automation components, have announced their strategic business partnership. ATEQ has been opening several offices around the country over the last few years to increase its ability to locally serve customers. The addition of Piedmont Technical Sales will give professionals with extensive knowledge of ATEQ instruments the ability to better support customers located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

“By partnering with Piedmont, ATEQ can have more feet on the street so leak testing experts will be able to easily drive to visit and consult with manufacturers in the southeastern states where we previously did not have local representation,” said Davy Leboucher, ATEQ CEO.

Like ATEQ, Piedmont works with a variety of manufacturing industries including automotive, consumer goods, medical and packaging. Since 1975, ATEQ has been supplying leak and flow testing instruments to manufacturers to quality test their manufactured components. Piedmont has years of expertise working with engineers to design and implement technical equipment. Piedmont provides automation, conveying, electrical, material handling and safety and measurement solutions which is in line with the knowledge required to integrate ATEQ instruments into production lines.

“ATEQ’s portfolio of superior leak testing equipment is the perfect complementary addition to Piedmont’s existing lines of high quality automation products,” said David Borrelli, Piedmont Technical Sales Rep.

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