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At ATEQ, we carry both touch screen and digital mass flow leak testers models. Our products have a simple setup and are easy to operate.

Since flow testing is typically used for calibration and leak detection, it is important that you have a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly mass flow air product on hand. Common uses for our mass flow testers include discovering fluid and potential gas leaks, as well as occlusion testing. It is imperative that both objects you test with this type of instrument carry nearly identical reference volumes.

Don’t waste any more time. Keep your business running smoothly by purchasing one of our mass flow leak testers. Call today to find out more.

  • The ATEQ GraFX MF is a touch screen air/air leak detector used to test the air-tightness of parts on production lines.

    • Compact Format
    • Optimized Measurement
    • High Specifications - Competitively Priced
    • Easy Set-Up
    The ATEQ® Premier MF is a compact air/air leak detector used to test the air-tightness of parts on production lines. It is specially adapted for automatic and semi-automatic workbenches. The method used is based on the flow measurement between the test and reference parts, when both are filled to an identical pressure. If the side test part is leaking, a pressure difference between the two parts test and reference will be established, the differential sensor will measure the flow at the terminals of this capillary. With this kind of instrument it is very important to have a reference volume, with if possible the same volume to the test part.

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