Grafx F – Differential Pressure Decay Leak Measurement

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Grafx F – Differential Pressure Decay Leak Measurement

The ATEQ GraFX in its compact format is the easiest leak detector to operate and integrate into manufacturing operations. Its comprehensive specifications, including ATEQ’s latest developments in pressure decay technology make it an extremely versatile instrument.

It functions to test the air-tightness of parts. The method used is based on the measurement of a small variation or drop in differential pressure between the test and reference parts, when both are filled to an identical pressure.


  • Automotive: shock absorbers, gearboxes, tank caps, carburetors, non return valves, cylinder heads, filters, radiators, seals, cylinders, engine oil and water circuits…
  • Domestic appliances: bottles, percolators, cookers, steam irons, ovens, washing machines…
  • Medical: catheters, dialysis equipment, micropipettes, plastic taps, drain bags, syringes, valves…
  • Packaging: aerosol cans and valves, trigger pumps, ink cartridges, cosmestic bottles, food sachets…



GraFX Touch Screen
Part of the Grafx simplicity comes from using a touch screen. What ATEQ® had in mind was first and foremost an easy interface that could be understood by even beginners in the leak detection field. Moving forward, it was obvious that combining an easy interface with a touch screen would transform the Grafx into a plug and play machine.



The ATEQ® Grafx easy enough for anyone to use:

  • A production engineer will find it very easy to set up and remember.
  • A user will find it clear to read.
  • A quality control engineer will get the data they are expecting in no time.
  • Any training around the Grafx will show how easy it is to teach leak detection to new comers … thanks to the interface.


GraFX backward compatibility

One of the most important features is the ability of the leak tester to plug into existing PLC’s and test benches without having to reprogram everything. ATEQ®’s Grafx I/O is compatible with ATEQ®’s previous generations leak testers. In addition, the Grafx features more modern interfacing (Ethernet and USB), so customers can be sure that it is also fully “Forwards compatible”.


Many of ATEQ®’s leak testers are being installed into quality labs or they are simply being set up in labs prior to being installed on the production line. These test conditions require a small unit with a fast and clear interface and gigantic memory to store all the trial parameters and tests.

ATEQ®’s Grafx has it all.

Differential pressure Decay

By far the most popular technology, differential pressure decay uses a reference volume to test your part. This helps compensate for any ambient pressure or temperature variations as they occur on both parts simultaneously. Only a leak on the test part will result in a movement of our transducer’s membrane.

The second advantage of this method is that the accuracy does not drop with the test pressure as the transducer is measuring pressure differences between the two circuits, as opposed to the traditional pressure decay technology that measures pressure drops against the atmosphere.

Leak ranges (in Pascal/second):

From 1 to 5,000 Pa/sec pressure drops (Values in cm3.atm/min depend on the test volume)

Maximum resolution:

0.1 Pascal

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