Hydra Four Channel Leak Tester

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Hydra Four Channel Leak Tester

New Hydra! Four Channel Leak Tester

The only multi-channel leak tester in one case that allows you to remove one channel for service or calibration and continue to leak test with the remaining channels.

  • Multi-channel leak tester
  • Competitively priced
  • Color touchscreen
  • Easy set-up


Hydra allows simultaneous or sequential pressure decay leak testing on four completely independent channels. Each channel has its own leak test transducer and each leak test channel has less than 1.5 cc of internal volume.


HydraHydra uses a color touchscreen with WINATEQ 300 software which includes: SPC, data collection and various real-time leak test results displays.


Hydra is easy enough for anyone to use:

  • A production engineer will find it very easy to set up and remember.
  • A user will find it clear to read.
  • A quality control engineer will get the data they are expecting in no time.
  • Any training around the Hydra will show how easy it is to teach leak detection to newcomers … thanks to the interface.


  • Four RS232 ports
  • Two USB ports
  • Four discrete I/O cards
  • A variety of front test port fittings are available
  • Several test pressure ranges
  • Can test in pressure and vacuum on the same instrument
  • Industrial touch screen panel PC
  • Pass/Fail indicator lights over each test port
  • Ethernet Port


Many of ATEQ’s leak testers are being installed into quality labs or they are simply being set up in labs prior to being installed on the production line. These test conditions require a small unit with a fast and clear interface and gigantic memory to store all the trial parameters and tests.

Standard Pressure Decay

As a stripped down version of the previous technology, standard pressure decay compares the pressure on the part with the atmospheric pressure.
This technology is used when the application does not require a very high accuracy or a very fast cycle time.

Leak Ranges (in Pascal/second):

 From 1 Pa/sec

Maximum resolution:

1 Pascal

Maximum test pressure:

10 atmospheres



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