Manual SA Coupler (Cam Operated Connector)

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Manual SA Coupler (Cam Operated Connector)

Quick sealing connectors are used to very easily seal on test parts which have smooth cylindrical connections. You can seal on the internal (ID) or the external diameters (OD) of your part.


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Cam Operated Manual Connector MSA

Manual SA Coupler (Cam Operated Connector) – These quick couplers can be triggered either semi automatic (SIM or SAM) with a press to release button or they can be actuated manually with a cam pressed seal (MSI, MSA) or they can be triggered automatically by your leak or flow test ATEQ instrument equipped with the “auto connector” option (SI or SA).


  • Test Pressure: Up to 1 bar
  • Body material: Steel, Nickel chrome plating
  • Rubber material: Polyurethane rubber 40-45 shore hard
  • Range: 3mm to 50 mm diameter
  • Life of seal: 1000 cycles.


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