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Premier D – Compact Flow Tester

Compact Continuous Laminar Flow Meter

Without a doubt the smallest high-performance leak detector on the market. Specially adapted for automatic or semi-automatic test machines, the D520 has a full range of specifications at a very competitive price.

  • Compact Format
  • Optimized Measurement
  • High Specifications – Competitively Priced
  • Easy Set-Up


High Speed Compact Flow Tester

The ATEQ® Premier D is a flow meter which measures a drop in pressure with a differential sensor (transducer) which is placed at the extremities of a calibrated flow tube. When fluid (gas) moves through a calibrated flow tube (laminar flow), a drop in pressure occurs, the value of which is proportional to flow.

Main Features:

  • Flow measurement in direct or indirect testing
  • Wide flow measurement range
  • USA, S.I. and customer units
  • Measurement in standard or customized conditions
  • Recalculated flow at the nominal pressure
  • Measurement element fully integrated into one module
  • 32 programs
  • Serial links:
    • RS232: printer, P.C. and parameter storage module
    • RS232: intelligent RC5 remote display
    • RS485: ATEQ® network
  • Additional:
    • Time & date, language & units choice, test customization & more…

Laminar Flow

Sometimes a leak can be considered as a “small flow”, or a flow as a “big leak”. When your reject level is too high for other technologies, it may be necessary to use a laminar flow tester. A flow takes place between the pressure line and the leak hole of the part. Our instrument features a laminar flow element across which our differential pressure transducer is connected. Every flow generates a pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the laminar flow element, and this variation is measured by the pressure transducer.

Leak Ranges (in L/H):

5, 30, 150, 500, 1,500, 4,000 or 10,000 L/H

Maximum resolution:

>1% of full scale

Maximum test pressure:

350 kPa

Pressure measurement:

1% of the pressure + 2 digits and 0.1% of full scale resolution


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