Premier F – Differential Pressure Decay Leak Measurement

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Premier F – Differential Pressure Decay Leak Measurement

Specially adapted for automatic or semi-automatic test machines, the Premier F has a full range of specifications at a very competitive price.

The ATEQ® Premier F is a compact air/air leak detectors used to test the air-tightness of parts on production lines. The instrument is specially adapted for automatic and semi-automatic workbenches. The method used is based on the measurement of a small variation or drop in differential pressure between the test and reference parts, when both are filled to an identical pressure.

  • Compact Format
  • Optimized Measurement
  • High Specifications – Competitively Priced
  • Easy Set-Up



Main Features:

  • Differential pressure decay leak measurement
  • 3 ranges of leak measurement (∆P)
    • Full scale: 50 Pa, 500 Pa or 5,000 Pa
  • Test modes:
    • ∆P
    • ∆P / ∆t
    • Flow units
    • Blockage test
    • & more, depending on your applications
  • New, faster system to fill parts
  • Manual calibration on front panel with calibrated leak
  • 32 programs
  • Serial links:
    • RS232: printer, bar code reader, P.C. and parameter storage module
    • RS232: intelligent remote control
    • RS485: ATEQ® network Infrared: switch, LFC, P.C…
  • 7  inputs/5 outputs
  • Time & date display, choice of languages & units, customization of tests for your requirements, automatic measurement cycle…

Differential pressure Decay

By far the most popular technology, differential pressure decay uses a reference volume to test your part. This helps compensate for any ambient pressure or temperature variations as they occur on both parts simultaneously. Only a leak on the test part will result in a movement of our transducer’s membrane.

The second advantage of this method is that the accuracy does not drop with the test pressure as the transducer is measuring pressure differences between the two circuits, as opposed to the traditional pressure decay technology that measures pressure drops against the atmosphere.

Leak ranges (in Pascal/second):

From 1 to 5,000 Pa/sec pressure drops (Values in cm3.atm/min depend on the test volume)

Maximum resolution:

0.1 Pascal


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