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Premier G – Continuous Flow Detector

Small, yet high-performing continuous flow detector. Specially adapted for automatic or semi-automatic test machines, the Premier G has a full range of Premier series specifications at a very competitive price.

  • Compact Format
  • Optimized Measurement
  • High Specifications – Competitively Priced
  • Easy Set-Up


  • Gas industry: cookers, gas float, heat exchangers for boilers, taps…
  • Automotive industry: small volume parts, injection rails, filter caps…


Premier G

Compact Leak Detector for Continuous Flow

The Premier G is the latest air/air leak detector operating on a continuous basis (automatic test start). The instrument has been designed to test low pressure components and assemblies (less than 500 mbar) and more particularly gas applications in compliance with US standards, but it can also work with high pressure.

The use of continuous testing may allow the localization and repair of leaks so it is ready on command.

The instrument may also operate in “controlled” mode, a mode which is advantageous for certain applications, with pre-fill or rapid fill or on automatic workbenches.

Main Features:

  • Wide flow measurement range
  • USA, S.I. and customer units
  • Measurement in standard or customized conditions
  • Recalculated flow at the nominal pressure
  • Measurement element fully integrated into one module
  • 32 programs
  • Serial links:
    • RS232: printer, P.C. and parameter storage module
    • RS232: intelligent RC5 remote display
    • RS485: ATEQ® network
  • Additional:
    • Time & date, language & units choice, test customization & more…

Continuous Flow

Often considered as a competitor to the Mass Flow technology, continuous flow relies on a differential pressure transducer and a very precise laminar flow tube to measure leak rates.
Its internal volume ensures that the flow generated by the leak remains very stable over time.

This technology is perfectly suited to the gas industry which sees it as a real time leak reader for gas appliances on production lines.

While the instrument generates a leak and shows its value on the screen, the
operator can tighten the connections of the gas product until it reaches an acceptable leak rate.

Leak Ranges (in L/H):

0 to 100 or 0 to 1000 cc/hr

Maximum resolution:

0.1 cc/hr

Maximum test pressure:

50 kPa

Pressure measurement:

± 1% of Pressure + 2 digits and 0.1% of full scale resolution


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