WINATEQ Leak Test Software

WINATEQ Leak Test Software

WINATEQ leak testing software allows you to manage your ATEQ® instrument from your laptop using PC software, making it easier to understand how your instrument is operating.


The WINATEQ Leak Test Software Program is delivered in CD format with the following functions:

  • network management
  • parameters editing
  • display and archive measurement results
  • network service
  • display sensors curves
  • edit statistics

Set as administrator and user level; once parameters are loaded, you can lock the interface to simply display PASS and REJECT lights for the operator. Then, start a cycle and watch on your laptop in real time displaying pressure curves within the test part.

The WINATEQ Leak Test Software is delivered in a CD-ROM format, and is intended for use on one computer.  It is required to install a locking key in the USB port of the laptop, and in order to install the drivers for this key, you must have administrator rights to the laptop.

The software includes advanced detection abilities so that all relevant stations can be quickly identified and connected to the laptop so that the operator can be productive.  WINATEQ will identify errors if a network is not present.  The user can determine how results should be stored and backed up.  The backup can be configured to be done automatically to avoid any accidental loss of data.

The software also allows the user to export the parameters of the testing, so that it’s easy to import the parameters and test results into a program like Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting.

WINATEQ Leak Test Software includes a remote control which allows the laptop user to individually control each of the measurement instruments attached to the network.  The Control window within the program allows the user to see a variety of displays to allow them to monitor the testing while in progress.  Testing results can then be seen through the “Supervision” window.  A variety of curves can be viewed to understand the testing results over time.  The user has the ability to zoom in on any part of the results to gain a better understanding of testing results in smaller windows of time.


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