WINATEQ 300 Leak Test Software

WINATEQ 300 Leak Test Software

Winateq300 is a software PC which allows managing ATEQ instruments through a computer of PC type.


The WINATEQ 300 software functions are:

  • Managing the network of computers and air leak detectors.
  • Parameters editing.
  • Displaying and archiving measurement results.
  • Network service.
  • Displaying the sensors curves.
  • Editing the statistics.

WINATEQ 300 can manage until 128 air leak detectors test parameters.  This maximum number depends of the connected device.

Set as administrator and user level; once parameters are loaded, you can lock the interface to simply display PASS and REJECT lights for the operator. Then, start a cycle and watch on your laptop in real time displaying pressure curves within the test part.  The software includes backup features that will automatically save your air leak detectors data to an external file to ensure that your results history is safe.

The WINATEQ 300 software is licensed to work on one PC, and a locking key is paired with the software and must be inserted into an available USB port on the PC running the software.  A user manual is available through the downloads tab on this page which includes step-by-step instructions on how to install and utilize this software program in connection with ATEQ products.

The WINATEQ 300 software allows the user to export results data in a simple file that can be easily opened in Excel for more advanced analysis.  The program includes a variety of graphical reporting features that gives you immediate trend analysis of the collected data.


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