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ATEQ is Available to Provide Consulting, Leak and Flow Testers For Medical Pump Testing Applications.

There are several types of medical infusion pumps used for delivering medication to patients through IVs. If the viscosity of the fluid being infused is adequate, a low cost gravity infusion IV pump can be used to deliver medication. Volumetric pumps deliver large amounts of medication using more advanced features. Analgesia Pumps are for short term dosages of specific medications and are controlled by patients to pump their own monitored dosage. Syringe pumps deliver small doses of high concentration medications over the course of a longer period of time.

It is important to leak test medical pumps to make sure no cracks, rips or pinholes are created during production that could cause a leakage in medication and the pump to not function properly. The pump itself must have the proper flow, all the  connections between the pump and the tube must have a secure seal and the tubes must be free of leaks as well. These various quality tests can be achieved with various ATEQ leak and flow testing instruments.

ATEQ has developed solutions for hundreds of different medical leak testing applications for well known medical manufacturers over the last 40 years.  Whether you are leak testing pumps, catheters, pacemakers, or an automotive engine, ATEQ can work with you to provide efficient leak testers and develop integrated medical pump production testing solutions.

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