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Educational Leak Testing Resources

ATEQ’s Leak Testing Academy is committed to providing educational industrial leak testing information through training courses, white papers, articles, videos and application studies. New to leak testing and not sure where to start? Visit our Leak Testing 101 page.

White Papers

  • Setting Leak Testing Specifications
    • This article will help provide a guideline on how to determine leak testing specifications. It will provide testing specification examples, theoretical models, and address various considerations such as the consequences of a failed part, test scenarios, test conditions, component material, shelf life, surface tension, hole geometry, air flow models and other leak testing methods.
  • Sealed Component Testing
    • This article is designed to assist people that have never used an air leak tester to quality control test a fully sealed component.  This includes guidance on different test methods, formulas, test fixture designs, test time, test materials, part temperature and test environments that are involved in ingress leak testing products that do not have any openings to connect to a tester such as: food packaging, waterproof electronics, watches, cosmetics, and medical devices
  • Internal Combustion Engine Leak Test
    • This article is designed to assist people that test an automotive engine for smaller leaks in industrial quality control. Proper understanding of engine technology, thermodynamics and pressure regulation can help manufacturers to have better quality control on their fully assembled engines. The simple use of multiple fill points, compressed air tanks, and heat exchangers are key factors in improving the performance of a leak test station.
  • Transmission Leak Test
    • This article is designed to assist people that leak test automotive transmissions for industrial quality control. While most automotive leak testing applications are usually best handled by a differential pressure air leak test, for a transmission leak test, ATEQ actually recommends a flow meter for testing internal and external leaks throughout the cavities of a transmission.

Magazine Articles


  • Why Choose ATEQ Leak Testers
    • This video explains the advantages manufacturers gain by using ATEQ leak and flow testing instruments to test their manufactured parts.
  • ATEQ’s Differential Pressure Drop Automatic Leak Tester
    • ATEQ compares the principles of differential pressure decay to standard pressure decay leak testing technology; highlighting the benefits of increased accuracy and decreased sensitivity to ambient disturbances.
  • Does Your Manufactured Part Need Leak Testing?
    • Check out ATEQ’s video to learn the steps to determine if your product should be leak tested and the process of how to select a leak tester that is best for your application.
  • Leak Testing 101
    • Learn the Who What When Where Why and How’s of Leak Testing from the experts at ATEQ!
      • Who is involoved in leak testing
      • What types of products are leak tested
      • When are components leak tested during the manufacturing process
      • Where are leak testers used
      • Why is leak testing important
      • How leak tests work
  • Leak Testing Applications Examples
  • Bubble Leak Testing
    • ATEQ explores the primitive method of leak testing-the bubble test.  In this test, parts are pressurized and submerged under water and an operator looks for bubbles.  This method is time consuming and it is difficult to calculate presise miniscule leak rates.
  • ATEQ Corp Product Lines
    • This video explains the various Industrial Measurement Testing Instruments that ATEQ Corp. Offers. Pressure Decay Leak Testers, Compact and Multi-Channel Leak Testers, Electrical Leak Testers, Flow Testers, Battery Chargers/Analyzers, Voltage Balancers, Ground Bonding Testers.
  • Quality Testing: Leak Testing Methods
    • ATEQ examines the history of leak testing methods from the pros and cons of the primitive bubble test up to ATEQ’s advanced automatic differential pressure decay leak testing technologies.

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