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Leak and Flow Testing

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ATEQ is proud to be the number one choice for industrial quality control leak and flow testing equipment and services. Our own Leak Test Sales Engineers are available in every state and region in North America to provide on-site training, support and services to meet your application needs.

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At ATEQ, we understand that leak and flow testing is vital for securing proper quality, safety, and performance of a product. There are many ways to test a leak, each with different aspects, depending on the application. Some of the many industries that use leak/flow testing include automotive, medical, electronics, valves, packaging, appliances, aerospace, and much more. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing quality leak testing equipment, ATEQ is the most trusted name in the leak and flow detection industry, providing superior measurement instruments, accredited ISO calibrations and exceptional support. Our leak and flow testing equipment and calibration instruments are manufactured and available for service and repair right here in the United States.

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Contact a local ATEQ Leak Test Sales Engineer to discuss your application options, learn more about Leak/Flow product test solutions.

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