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package testingATEQ’s testing line includes a few options when it comes to package leak testing. Examples of such packaging types are: bottle caps, aerosol cans (and valves), trigger pumps, ink cartridges, cosmetic bottles, food sachets and other various types of packaging.

The Grafx F for Differential Pressure Decay Leak Measurement is one product line typically used for this purpose.   It functions to test the air-tightness of parts. The method used is based on the measurement of a small variation or drop in differential pressure between the test and reference parts, when both are filled to an identical pressure.  Many of ATEQ®’s leak testers are installed into quality labs.  Additionally, they are set up in labs prior to before installation on the production line. These test conditions require a small unit with a fast and clear interface and gigantic memory to store all the trial parameters and tests.

Package Leak Testing with Differential Pressure Decay Test

By far the most popular technology, differential pressure decay uses a reference volume to test your part. This helps compensate for any ambient pressure or temperature variations as they occur on both parts simultaneously. Only a leak on the test part will result in a movement of our transducer’s membrane. The second advantage of this method is that the accuracy does not drop with the test pressure as the transducer is measuring pressure differences between the two circuits. This is instead of the traditional pressure decay test technology that measures pressure drops against the atmosphere.

continuous flow air leak detector

The ATEQ Grafx has a touch screen to display leak and flow results.

Package leak testing is essential for ensuring integrity during packaging development, machine setup and quality control. Pin holes, channel leaks and improper sealing all present challenges for leak detection in flexible packaging. The Grafx-F tester helps our clients perform clean, dry, non-destructive and non-subjective leak testing on a variety of flexible package types. At ATEQ®, our sales engineers can help help you design and implement non-destructive leak detection techniques for a variety of applications. This includes pouches and bags for use in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical industries.

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