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ATEQ USA has a variety of leak testing products that are currently in use by a variety of manufacturers in the following industries:


ATEQ USA’s products are in frequent use for leak detection in medical devices.  End users require a high-degree of confidence in such products as they are often used to deliver or extract fluids to or from a specific part of the body.  If a leak existed, then fluids could be inadvertently sent to the incorrect location, or the wrong fluids could be removed.

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A leak beyond accepted tolerances means product failure.  When a leak exceeds the tolerance, it can mean environmental contamination, loss of sterility or component failure.   Having an industrial leak detection protocol is a key part of any quality assurance process.  ATEQ USA offers a variety of tools to integrate into production lines and QA testing facilities.

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ATEQ USA provides a variety of tools for use in automotive leak testing and flow analysis.  We have many Tier 1 suppliers that utilize our testers to confirm that the parts supplied to their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) clients meet their specifications.

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ATEQ’s testing line includes a few options when it comes to package testing and identifying leaks.  Examples of such packaging types are: bottle caps, aerosol cans (and valves), trigger pumps, ink cartridges, cosmetic bottles, food sachets and other various types of packaging.

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