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The ATEQ GraFX MF is a touch screen air/air leak detector used to test the air-tightness of parts on production lines.

ATEQ USA provides a variety of tools for flow analysis and supplies automotive leak detection equipment. We have many Tier 1 suppliers that utilize our testers to confirm that the parts supplied to their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) clients meet their specifications. The guidelines they receive will include the acceptable variances for the size of the components, and also the allowable leak tolerances and flow capacity. Our testing is done with clean, dry air provided through on-site compressors or bottled nitrogen. Depending on the tolerances required, ATEQ also has testing products that work with hydrogen. These testers offer a higher degree of sensitivity when required.

The OEMs also utilize ATEQ products in a number of ways.  They will perform component testing to confirm that parts received meet the requirements of the contract.  Many OEMs cast their own primary components, and will want to test them to confirm these pieces are functioning as designed. The testing performed is done on the individual parts, and then further on the fully assembled product to ensure that the entire system meets the requirements.  With ATEQ’s sensitivity and accuracy, manufacturers are able to quickly and accurately identify a leak that exceeds accepted tolerances.  ATEQ’s product suite also includes sniffers that enable technicians to quickly identify the source of any leaks, and determine if they can resolve the issue themselves or if the component must be replaced.

The Air Conditioning (AC) system is a good example of where ATEQ’s automotive leak detection equipment can be used. The entire system must remain closed to ensure that the refrigerant remains in the system. Leaking refrigerant can have an environmental impact. Furthermore, if the system operates without adequate refrigerant, a leak can damage the system and require costly repairs. OEMs want to make sure that such systems are performing at their optimum level before leaving the plant, thus limiting exposure from liability and potential for recalls.

ATEQ is also experienced in leak testing electric vehicle components such as fuel cells, bipolar plates, cell stacks, battery pouches, battery housing, power control units, hydrogen tanks, motors, valves, sensors and water cooling jackets.

ATEQ’s sales team is uniquely qualified to assist you in determining the best product for your testing needs.  Each member of our sales team has an engineering background and understands the technical language of the production environment.  Contact us today and find out how ATEQ can provide the equipment you need to meet your automotive leak testing goals.

Typical Applications for Automotive Leak Detection Equipment

  1. Electric Vehicle Components
    1. Fuel Cells
    2. Bipolar Plates
    3. Hydrogen Tank
    4. Battery
    5. Battery Tray
    6. PCU
    7. Electric Motor
    8. Motor Coil
  2. A/C System
  3. Brake Systems
  4. Cameras
  5. Check Valves
  6. Cooling Circuit
  7. Cylinders
  8. Engine
  9. Exhaust Systems
  10. Fuel & Brake Lines
  11. Gearbox
  12. GNSS Systems
  13. Hoses & Pipes
  14. Intake Manifold
  15. Headlamps and Lights
  16. Lidar
  17. Oil Pan
  18. Powertrain
  19. Radiators
  20. Reservoir Tanks
  21. Sensors
  22. Shock Absorbers
  23. Spark Plug
  24. Torque Converter Housing
  25. Transmission Case

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