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ATEQ is Available to Provide Consulting, Leak Testers For Medical Vial Testing Applications.

A vial (also known as a phial or flacon) is a small glass or plastic vessel or bottle, often used to store medication as liquids, powders or capsules.  No  Typically, whatever is contained in the vessel is an important medication that cannot be contaminated with moisture seeping into the vial. Therefore, medical vial leak testing is very important. The glass or plastic vessel needs to be free of cracks as does the cap. There also needs to be an airtight seal between the vessel and the cap.

ATEQ has an ioniq leak tester that is perfect for testing plastic caps quickly. ATEQ’s Ioniq or B28 Leak Tester offer a safe low ionization voltage to ionize oxygen molecules in the air around the part. If the cap is properly insulated, the instrument will show a 100% reading. If there is a leak in the cap’s insulation, ionized oxygen molecules will be able to flow through the hole and the ions will connect to the metal plate the cap rests on. This will show a reading closer to a 0% insulation on the instrument and the operator or machine can then reject the part if it is not within specifications.

In order to test the vessel portion of the vial, a pressure decay instrument can be used to pressurize the part to see if the pressure drops. Testing the fully assembled vial can ensure that the connection between the cap and the vessel is properly sealed. This can be done by pressure or vacuum in an air tight chamber fixture.

Learn more about leak testing hermetically sealed components in our US Tech Magazine Article: Leak Testing Hermetically Sealed Components or ATEQ’s Sealed Component Testing white paper.

ATEQ has developed solutions for hundreds of different medical leak testing applications for well known medical manufacturers over the last 40 years.  Whether you are leak testing vials, catheters, pacemakers, or an automotive engine, ATEQ can work with you to provide efficient leak testers and develop integrated vial production testing solutions.

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