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Premier MF – Mass/Flow Leak Tester

  • Compact Format
  • Optimized Measurement
  • High Specifications – Competitively Priced
  • Easy Set-Up

The ATEQ® Premier MF is a compact air/air leak detector used to test the air-tightness of parts on production lines. It is specially adapted for automatic and semi-automatic workbenches. The method used is based on the flow measurement between the test and reference parts, when both are filled to an identical pressure.

If the side test part is leaking, a pressure difference between the two parts test and reference will be established, the differential sensor will measure the flow at the terminals of this capillary.

With this kind of instrument it is very important to have a reference volume, with if possible the same volume to the test part.


Premier MF

Differential Mass Flow Leak Tester

Main Features:

  • Measurement Range: 2/20/200 sccm
  • Measurement Units: SI, USA (SAE) and custom unit
  • Indications of the ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • Measurement element fully integrated into one module.
  • 32 programs
  • Serial data link:
    • RS232: printer, P.C. and memory modules
    • RS232: intelligent RC5 remote display
    • RS485: ATEQ® network
  • Additional:
    • Time & date, language & units choice, test customization & more…

leak testerMass Flow

The Mass Flow technology converts a mass of air going through a laminar flow element into a leak value. Should the test part leak, a flow will take place between a reference part and this leak, forcing the air to go through the Mass Flow measuring device that will convert it into a leak value such as cm3.atm/h.

However, unlike traditional Mass Flows, our technology can handle “large leaking” parts on the line without having to reset the unit. And unlike our competitors again in the leak tester market, we do not use heating elements to measure the mass of air, thus reducing the sensitivity to contamination.

We’ve also put our expertise in high pressure testing into the pneumatics of this unit, allowing it to measure with a high level of accuracy at test pressures of up to 20 Bar (300 PSI).

Finally, our Mass-Flow technology comes with the latest temperature compensation feature making sure you get the best results in the industry in the toughest conditions.

Leak Tester Ranges (in cm3.atm/min):

2 or 20 or 200 cm3.atm/min

Maximum test pressure:

20 Bar

Pressure measurement:

1% of the pressure + 2 digits and 0.1% of full scale resolution


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