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ATEQ is Available to Provide Consulting and Leak and Flow Testers For Sprinkler Leak Testing Applications.

The agriculture industry has many leak and flow testing applications. Many agricultural components include hoses and valves for irrigation. There are many different types of automatic and manual sprinklers such as rotary, fixed-spray, oscillating, traveling, misting, raised, pop-up and even indoor safety sprinklers. No matter what type of sprinkler is being manufacturer, it should be flow tested with an ATEQ flow meter to make sure it flows within the specified range and doesn’t have any manufacturing defects that cause it to leak.

ATEQ has developed solutions for hundreds of different agricultural leak testing and flow applications for well known manufacturers over the last 40 years.  Whether you are flow testing a sprinkler, valve, hose, smartphones, watches, catheters or a pacemaker, ATEQ can work with you to provide efficient leak and flow testers and develop integrated agricultural leak and flow testing solutions.

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